USB to COM interface

  •  Client: Brainlab AG
  • Date Completed: June 2014
  • Client’s goal: many modern PCs nowadays ship without communication (COM) ports. However the client utilizes hardware components interfacing with COMs. Therefore they utilize USB to serial port chips from the FTDI manufacturer as a workaround to this issue. Such chips are controlled using a C++ interface, taking advantage of FTDI’s proprietary API functions. This interface however had bugs and had no appropriate unit test to ensure its quality and stability. So the client’s goal was to change this.
  • My contribution: all bugs contained in the interface were fixed.I also performed code maintenance and refactoring, as well as extended its unit testing framework to allow for more conformance testing. Such unit testing was also done in C++.
  • Results: greater robustness and stability within the interface was achieved after my code modifications, leading to non-existing read&write failures to the USB port from the COM port source. Bug detection was also more efficient after the unit testing framework’s extension.

Screenshot of the application’s graphical user interface

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