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My Story

You can consider me a software engineer with a proclivity to finance. While I have always had a predilection for working with computers, this was channeled to computational finance fields given my passion for trading and quantitative analysis. My professional/academic career was hence devoted to the software engineering and finance disciplines, driving me to pursue the BSc in Computer Science, MSc in Finance and the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certificate.
A significant portion of my portfolio comprises financial models aimed at assessing financial securities on credit quality and risk-reward grounds and at automating trading workflows. Such models were developed using Matlab and VBA. My most recent achievement is the creation of a trading engine utilizing the QuickFix library under the FIX protocol. The aim is to facilitate the international transfer of funds through the automated trading of different currency crosses.
Several completed projects non-related to finance also comprise a significant portion of my experience.  The back-end development of web applications utilizing C#/.NET or Java, whilst utilizing Angular and ReactJs for the front-end are one of my predominant skills. The development of Ecommerce websites using WordPress is a recent addition to my offered services. So far I have enjoyed 11 years of total experience in the software engineering and financial fields.

My Skills

These percentages are depicted on a relative basis with respect to my most trained skill, quantitative analysis, which has 100%.

Front end Development


Back End Development


Fix Protocol / QuickFix library


Excel modelling and VBA within it










Databases (Mongo, SQL)


Quantitative/Statistical Analysis



  • Master of Science in Finance, GPA = 4.87/5 (First-class Honours) at IESA

Courses and Certificates

  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder from the CFA Institute
  • ITIL Certificate – Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management from Exin

Professional Experiences

  • Software Consultant at Brainlab AG. Jan. 2016 – Jun. 2016
  • Software Engineer at Brainlab AG. Jan. 2013 – Dec. 2015
  • Investment Analyst at Econoinvest Casa de Bolsa. Aug. 2008 – Oct. 2010
  • Development Analyst at Econoinvest Casa de Bolsa. Apr. 2007 – Aug. 2008
  • Intern at Clever Financial & Financial Intelligent Systems. Jul. 2006 – Dec. 2006


  • Mikael Nilsson
    • CEO & Founder @ November First
    • Phone: +4528580000
    • Email:
  • Peter Jacobi
    • Software Project Manager @ Brainlab AG
    • Phone: +4917623735911
    • Email:
  • Martin Gutzeit
    • Senior Software Engineer @ Brainlab AG
    • Phone: +4915114128322
    • Email:
  • Jan Jepsen
    • CEO @ Additinvest
    • Phone: +4523608840
    • Email:
  • David Alayon


  • Meditation
  • Kickboxing
  • Trekking and climbing
  • Dancing
  • Travelling


Click here to see a sample of my completed projects.

More information about me:

I worked with Gian for 3.5 years at Brainlab. He showed the ability to work autonomously by programming in C++ new functions for Brainlab's flagship product, ExacTrac®. He designed unittests for many modules, which quickly found flaws software and enhanced its quality. Gian is an excellent team player whom I can wholeheartedly recommend as a great person to work with.

Martin GutzeitSenior Software Engineer at Brainlab

Gian Piero is a really sharp professional, he is truly a guy that you can count on, I can say that he is someone that you can trust in the management of your finance; he found a way to provide me growth in my investment and a good return from them.

Rafael Cordero LugoDirector at Alliance International Advisors LLC

Gian Piero is a trustworthy and insightful analyst. He has deep knowledge of the fixed income market especially in emerging market sovereigns.

Ivan AponteOwner, Aurielectric

Gian Piero is a very responsible person and so smart in IT area. He always wants to know more about everything. He learns very fast and by himself. One can be proud of working with him.

Simy BlomerClient Partner at Gartner

With passionate dedication, Gian Piero created a top tier framework to research fixed income securities. Most notable were his programming and quantitative skills, which were a critical asset in the creation of unusual statistical models for ranking bonds based on the relationship between their credit worthiness and returns offered. We are very proud by the work done by Gian Piero.

Marco Aurelio VillegasCEO, Arca Análisis Económico

Mr. Bandieramonte developed modules supporting cancer treatment. Because patient lives depend on the quality of such software, we have rigorous QM standards. The software coded and released by Gian worked as expected and has so far produced minimal complaints or bugs. He became highly proficient in C++ and .NET, using C#, WPF and XAML.

Peter JacobiSoftware Project Manager

Gian Piero leveraged his proficiency in quantitative analysis and modelling to excel in the financial discipline. He focused his hard skills to the creation of models that thoroughly assessed and selected an ample array of ETFs for our portfolios. I can definitely recommend Gian as a serious candidate for any organization.

David AlayonDirector and Adviser

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