The Gating Controller

  • Client: Brainlab AG
  • Date Completed: August 2013
  • Project’s goal: the movement patterns of patients needed to be simulated using a robot which imitates the lungs of a human being. Therefore a C++ application was needed to control such robot and to serve as the interface with the computer.
  • My contribution: the software’s graphical user interface (GUI) was designed using Windows Presentation Foudation (WPF), C# and XAML within Visual Studio. The application’s back-end code was done entirely in C++. Proprietary C++ libraries from Brainlab were utilized to communicate the GUI and logical layers using patters such as Subject-Observer. I worked not only as the software engineer for this task, rather also as the project manager, performing necessary tests and quality management diligence before releasing officially. On the picture to the right you can view a snapshot of the application’s GUI.
  • Results: improved by 51% the precision with which moving tumors in patients’ lungs are reproduced within the aforementioned robot.

A snapshot of the application’s GUI 

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