An Ecommerce Website

  •  Client: Addit Invest
  • Date completed: currently on progress
  • Client’s goal: the customer associated to this project has the business of selling flowers for funerals. The project’s goal is to boost the sales by allowing potential buyers to acquire such flowers online.
  • My contribution: an Ecommerce website providing this functionality is under development by using a WordPress template and the Woocommerce plugin. The template is being deeply customized by adjusting the CSS, HTML, PHP and Javascript files to comply with the customer’s requirements. An example of such requirements were:
    • Customizations of payment options, allowing for the danish traditional payment methods, such as Visa/Dankort and MobilePay.
    • An input text box where the user can optionally write a message for the flower’s band, with only some of the flowers have this option.
    • An input text box for an optional greeting card, where using this field triggers an increase in the total cost for the flower.
    • Customizations for the checkout area, adding new input text boxes which would be filled in automatically depending whether the buyer comes referred or not.
  • Results: this is an ongoing project, and the expected result is to boost the sales of funeral flowers by a significant amount.

A peek into the website

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