A Trading Engine based on the FIX protocol

  • ¬†Client: November First
  • Date completed: present project
  • Client’s goal: a trading engine utilizing the QuickFix library under the FIX protocol had been in place by the moment I began this project. The goal was twofold: to upgrade the engine to exploit a wider array of functionalities from the FIX protocol version 4.3, as well as to revamp the whole engine as it presented deep performance and scalability issues.
  • My contribution: the totality of the client’s trading engine was recreated. It can now perform quote and trade requests, as well as process the respective responses in a faster and more stable fashion. The code was also rendered more maintainable and scalable so that further enhancements can be done more easily. A wider array of functionalities such as dealing with both RFQs (request for quotes) as well as Market Data at the same time, trading SPOT, TOD or TOM orders, handling of express payments, and so forth were added to the trading platform.¬†
  • Results: an increase in revenues into the company of at least 12% has been achieved with this project. This is due to the offering of a wider array of functionalities solicited by the client’s customers, thus fueling the number of transactions they perform on the platform. Additionally, this has led to a significant increase on the number of new account openings.

An Excerpt from the FIX Specification utilized in the Trade Engine

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